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Choosing the right photographer is a tricky business. There are many factors people look at when searching for the 'Perfect' Photographer. So many in fact, that I am going to tell you why you should choose Twisted Images Photography for making your Wedding Day Photography Dreams come true.

I'm Friendly...

Somebody who makes you feel at home and gets along well with your guests is imperative. I adore people. I love to chat, find out what makes people tick, and make all the all-important personal connections. My work shows just how relaxed and happy my clients are - the Photographer's personality really does make a difference to the quality of photos!

I'm Passionate...

I absolutely delight in my work. Seeing the excitement on peoples faces when they finally see their finished photos gives me such enjoyment! It's fantastic to see the light in my clients eyes as they glow with happiness. This reward makes me do everything I can to make sure that I can provide a brilliant and exciting experience.

I'm Organized...

Organization is the key. I make sure to keep contact with my clients starting the day the client contacts me about my services. I keep all paperwork as well as my clients needs neatly organized and together. This especially comes into play with Wedding Photography. I work very closely with my client or their Planner to make sure everything is ready and in place for the special occasion. Through this process I even offer to email clients for them to give me a list of specific shots they request. I also make my own list that I will go over with the client to make sure all their Wedding Photography needs and dreams are met. My job is not only a Photographer, but is to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable to my clients.

I'm all about the Quality...

From the moment you first pick up the phone or drop me an email, to our last goodbye with you clutching your gorgeous photographs, you know that you have bought a quality service and experience. My attitude, organization, cameras, printers, and experiences all are top-notch. End-to-end, Twisted Images Photography is a high quality experience.

I'm Efficient...

It's your Wedding Day, your family time, your photo-shoot, and it's all about you enjoying those moments. I take the requisite number of photographs to capture each event perfectly, without missing your favorite Uncle sneaking a taste test of the Wedding Cake before the Reception has begun. I'll work efficiently to get you the photographs that you want and dream of, and I will do so with ease and creativity.

I'm Creative...

Creativity goes a long way in the artistic world. I strive to make each photo taken come alive and tell the same story that was told the day I took it. That is why we want Photographs in the first place, isn't it? To remember a certain memory.  There is a saying I like to work by... "I photograph is but a memory taken from a moment in time, and placed on a piece of paper to treasure a lifetime." I photograph memories to capture those special moments in life, and when I am able to hand my photo's over to the client and they are able to travel back to that memory, I know I am doing my job correctly.

I'll give you Guaranteed Results that will keep you coming back for years!

I'll provide creative photography, top-quality products, affordable competitive pricing, and get your photographs back to you fast! You will be satisfied!


With all this in mind, if any of the following packages do not suite your Wedding Day needs, Please contact us as we can customized the 'Perfect' Wedding Day package specifically for you!


Family Portrait Wedding Package

A simple coverage during which we create an album of exceptional portraits of the bride, bride and groom together, and family groups. You may be happy this simple arrangement, and then have your friends create fun candid shots for the rest of the wedding. With this album you will also receive a portrait of the bride and groom for the bridal couple and a portrait for each set of parents.


This package includes:

*4 Hours of wedding coverage

*Flash drive of ALL images taken & Printing Rights

*Minimum of 30 retouched images

*An 18 page album with 18-5X7 prints and 3-8X10 prints

*Online Client Gallery to share with Family & Friends


Wedding Day Highlights Package

A stress free day of key and romantic moments of the wedding day. This coverage includes an album of portraits with the bridal couple, family groups and candid moments of all the classic wedding events. Plus there is no time restrictions. A portrait of the bride and groom is included for the bridal couple, and for each set of parents.


This package includes:

*Full service coverage starting two (2) hours before service and three (3) hours of reception coverage

*Unlimited images taken (no fixed picture count)

*Flash dive of ALL images taken & Printing Rights

*Minimum of 50 retouched images

*A 24 page album & three (3) 11X14 prints

*Online Client Gallery for Friends & Family


Contemporary, Yet Classic Package

For those who want a more relaxed contemporary feel for candid un-posed, black and white photo-journalistic images combined with classical family groups and bridal portraits. A fusion of stylistic coverage that goes beyond highlights and captures the essence that makes your wedding uniquely yours. Capture memories that will distinguish your wedding day from all the others. Your exquisite album will capture the action and reaction in both color and black and white as you surround yourself with friends and family.

This package includes:

*1-3 hour engagement session or boudoir session

*Full wedding coverage starting two (2) hours before service

*Unlimited images taken (no fixed image count)

*Flash drive of ALL images taken& Printing Rights

*Minimum of 60 retouched images

*A 36 page album  & three (3) 11X14 prints

*Online Client Gallery for Friends & Family


Custom Packages

This option is designed for the bride who is looking to fill specific photography needs for their wedding day or even for the bride working on a budget. This allows you to pick and choose what you want in your package.


{Choose any of the following to create your custom package}

* Engagement Session $130-

* Boudoir Session $115-

* Wedding coverage & editing $185-/hr

* 36 page Wedding album $160-

* 24 page Wedding album $110-

* Additional shooter {second photographer} $275-

Custom packages include Online gallery for Friends & Family and minimum of 30 hi-red edited images {min. will rise with longer times covered at wedding}

For more information on any of the packages listed above please call us at {717} 515-3410 or email


We offer a 20% Discount to all our active military men and women!


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