mini sessions


* Back to School ~ A fresh, natural and fun alternative to the boring school photos you are forced to buy every year! The sessions are full of school themed props including an antique desk and are usually held  at our Studio in New Oxford. You get five edited pictures instead of just one!

* Apple Orchard ~ In my opinion, fall is the most beautiful time of year! The apples are ready to be picked, the leaves change color and there's cinnamon in the air! What a perfect way to capture your family during this time of year!

* Holiday ~ This is the most popular mini session and is for children and families. It is an all day event held a few times before Christmas. These sessions can be inside or outside.

* Themed Minis ~ On occasion, or when I have a creative spurt, I will offer themed mini sessions which are mostly geared towards children. These themes can include a Lemonade Stand, Pumpkin Patch, Farms, Tea Parties and even Treasure Hunting! The skies the limit!

*Seasonal Minis ~ These minis tend to be my post popular minis. With the changing of the seasons and the many varieties of backdrops nature provides, I like to offer minis for each season of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter, all make beautiful backdrops in my opinion.


Please keep in mind that not all mini sessions are held regularly. They require enough interest in bookings to host them as they are all day events. They typically include 5-10 edited images whereas full sessions include 10-20+. That is why they tend to be half the cost of a regular session.


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